Why “Why” Matters


When I ask people why they aren’t on track or taking action to live their dream lives, there are some answers that have just become standard, as I’ve heard them so many times: No money, no time, no knowledge, or just too lazy.

These are absolutely valid concerns. Notice, I used the word “concern”, and not “excuse.” I especially like hearing the most honest answer of all those, “I am just too lazy!”, usually followed by an LOL or round of laughter. And we laugh, and laugh…

But, it’s really not funny. We both know that, but sometimes laughter is all we can do when facing the overwhelming task of designing our own life and taking responsibility for the way it looks.

To start the process, follow Stephen Covey’s advice and Begin with the End in Mind. Create a vision or mission statement for your life that very clearly outlines how you want to show up to this world, what you’d like to have, and where you’d like to go, and WHY you want to do and be all that.

Make sure your vision gets you fired up and excited when you read it. I know, for me, that every day I read mine, my wheels get turning so much by the end of it that I absolutely MUST do something to propel me towards one of the goals I list. It’s THAT powerful! Recite it, read it, memorize it and say it, every single day – especially the days you don’t feel like doing it. Make it part of your morning routine and watch your life begin to change. You begin to subconsciously¬† act differently – like the way the person in your vision would act. Opportunities begin to present themselves to help align you with your vision. You begin to feel confident and excited about the future and everyone can sense it around you. Your life will change.

So, you’re not too broke. You have time in your day. You can learn all you need to know. And, you’re definitely not too lazy. You just lack a compelling “Why” to motivate you to take the necessary action and make the necessary sacrifice for success. So, what is your “Why?”


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