How to Give When You Think You Have Nothing Left To Give

We rise by lifting others

When times are tight, it’s hard to imagine where you’ll come up with rent, much less the cash to donate to the great causes you’re passionate about. But the causes still need, and the universe still requires it’s “tithe”, even when you THINK there is nothing left to give.

Giving can come in more forms than cash though. And, while I still think it’s best to give back a percentage of income you earn, like a standard 10%-20% or more, depending on how you feel about it, with today’s technology, you can find other ways to give when the purse strings are sealed tight.

Other Ways (than money) to Give Back

Volunteer Your Time– This is the obvious one. Volunteering for something your passionate about makes the whole world feel good. Think outside the box here too. You don’t always have to volunteer for organizations. Maybe you pick up teash in your favorite park. Or hand out bottled water to the homeless. No one has to see you do it. This is for you.

Share on Social Media– Even when you’re strapped for cash, with the easy share capability of most social media sites, you can share funding requests, petitions, and other requests on your pages. Be sure to write something about why the cause is important to you as you share it.

Offer Your Services or Products- Are you in marketing? Graphic Design? Coaching? Consider donating your services to an organzation you’re passionate about. If you sell products, consider donating products or offering a percentage of sales revenue to the organization. If you communicate with the leadership, they may become your biggest advocate and help generate even more sales for you. A true win/win!

Be a Connector- Even when you’re tapped out and absolutely not in a position to offer any of the above, you can be a connector between the organization or cause and other people that ARE in a position to help. Make introductions or talk about the causes you’re passionate about to help generate interest.

There are lots of ways to give and the key is to find a way to do so, no matter what. The impact on the organization and community may be obvious, but the impact to you is much greater. It feels good to give and it changes your energy, your attitude, your thoughts, and your life. It also opens you up to receiving a whole lot of good from the world around you. Good things come to those who give!


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