Your World in 20 Years- What Should You be Investing in Now?

Your World in 20 years (1)

Every morning, I wake up and passionately read my vision/mission statement. It helps prepare my mind for the day ahead, and helps remind me of how I want to show up in the world-who I have to be to accomplish the goals I have. As part of that, I have a list of industries and products that I think will have a great impact on our world of the future. These are areas that I continue to research and get to know so I can invest and position myself to take advantage of a boom. And then, some of them are just cool to me and I want to be a part of them.

I’ve implemented this list into my morning routine just in the last 90 days. I call it my “wheelist” because it gets my wheels turning. It has also demonstrated a real life example of the Law of Attraction in action. Since I remind my brain EVERY morning that I am interested in these topics, these topics continue to pop-up throughout the day in FB articles, e-mail links, news blurbs, and even in casual conversation. This keeps things fresh and easy to research, for sure.

Now, this is not a complete list, and it’s based solely on my interests and opinions, but feel free to use it as you’d like. Or, if you have some ideas of your own, feel free to share them here, or just keep your own list. The important take-away today is- In order to obtain true wealth, you’ve got to learn about investing. And, in order to learn investing, you’ll need some vision. Be as creative and “out there” as you want for your initial list, and then start research. As you learn more, you may see where industries and companies are going and you’ll make some decisions about what’s right for you and what’s not.

Here’s what interests me right now:am_foto_01

Flying Cars

These could happen sooner than you think, but with a long road ahead. Still, worth looking at, plus, I really want one! Click here for a Forbes article on the subject.


Adventure/Bucketlist Travel Experiences

This is obviously a passion of mine in the first place, but I also think we will be seeing a lot more world exploration in the coming years. Virtual employees and entrepreneurship are on the rise and that is what frees up time and makes money. I also see HUGE potential in creating an adventure brand that unifies a lot of our domestic U.S. experiences, on th elocal level, that encourage people to turn off their TV, get off their couch, and experience the city or state they live in.


3-D Printing & The Support/Supply Network They Will Require

This will be HUGE! Don’t resist 3-D printing, as this will change the way we do nearly everything! Now, is the time for visionaries in this emerging field. If I had just one area to direct your attention, this would be it-because you can tap into nearly everything else you may be passionate about through this “lens” and make a fortune. There is currently a technological race for the best, and most affordable home/desktop version of these devices. You could very easily be looking at the next Microsoft type market share and growth.



Expanding on the Inventions & Theories of Nikola Tesla

Tesla had a lot of things figured out way before his time and I’ve always been drawn to his work. I am especially attracted to the idea of transmitting electricity wirelessly and for free of charge to the masses.



Yep, there’s an App for that

SingleStall is a unique app that I can’t talk about right now because it’s in development. The key here, to keep in mind, is that this was an app I wish already existed for me. After research, i see there are others like me, so I may have a good niche product. Maybe not. But, I am going to throw a little money at it and see what happens.


Re-Inventing the Water Bed

Okay, not really. At least not the way you might remember them. As a people, we are grossly dehydrated. When the body and mind are dehydrated, this hinders your body’s natural defense and ability to function properly. My idea is to either create built-in water filtration systems into bed frames/nightstands, OR create decorative/hidden water dispensers for bedrooms and other areas of the home.


GLBTQ Retirement Homes

As equality becomes mainstream, I see many GLBTQ niche businesses suffering a bit, like bars and restaurants if they don’t adapt properly. But, I still think there are certain niches that will thrive, and a Gay Shady Pines is one of them. I think this could be a huge network of affiliated retirement communities catering specifically to the GLBTQ community and their needs. (PS-Already bought


Real Life Treasure Hunts on a Grand Scale

I’ve always loved the idea of having true treasure hunts where the prize was a real fortune, with no BS. On a philanthropic level, I think it would be fun to offer these for free in various communities throughout the world. Maybe we can even tie a learning experience into it, or offer it as a scholarship or seed money type thing. On a business level though, I think we could charge a fee for the map and clue kit, and hide some treasure for the explorer in all of us.

1018359779The Shower Pen

I don’t know about you, but I get a LOT of my ideas in the shower and it’s frustrating how many I have forgotten over the years because I had no place to write them down the moment I had them. The Shower Pen, in my design, looks a lot like the pen above, but it doesn’t require any ink. You just write on the surface of the shower wall and the marker recongnizes the hand movements and transmits the messages wirelessly to your computer.


Citizens Preparedness Academy

As part of my commitment to self-reliance, I see a need to for First Responder training, self-defense, fire arm training, survival, and more for the every day citizen. I would like to see this a global franchise to better prepare people for disaster preparedness on all levels.


That’s a few of the items I’ve got rolling around in my head. I think from abundance (plenty for everyone), so if you see something that interests or empowers you, please run with that. If you are interested in collaboration, that’s great too. Just e-mail me at



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