My Ultimate Fear

Don't Die with the Music still inside you

In one quote, Dr. Wayne Dyer sums up my ultimate fear- That I may die with the music, or the the potential, still inside me. Not that I fear death so much, as I look forward to that transition, but I still have much I want to accomplish in this world and this life. Sometimes, I feel the end coming too soon, even of that’s 40 years down the road.

That MIGHT be some of the subconscious drive I have to do so much, with so many projects and irons in the fire at once. I want to do it all. And, it terrifies me to think that I may die before I get to experience the world as I wish, or make the contribution and legacy I wish to leave behind.

I suppose that’s why it’s so important to make the most of every day. Legacy is made of many days, strung together, working towards something greater than ourselves. In comparison, Mediocrity, and it’s result, a life lost with the music and potential still unrealized, is also made of many days, strung together. Those daily choices we make really are the difference.


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