To Post or Not to Post: Balancing Personal Opinion and Public Interpretation in Social Media as Business Owner or Executive

to post or not to post-

Part of what makes entrepreneurs unique and effective is their bold action, strong opinions, and obsessive passion for their interests. This gumption doesn’t stop with business dealings. It carries over to most areas of their lives; politics, religion and spirituality, sports, science, whatever captures a true entrepreneur’s interest.

By definition, an entrepreneur, in the purest sense,  are those who identify a need—any need—and fill it. It’s a primordial urge, independent of product, service, industry or market ( They fill a need. They help people. When you combine an entrepreneur’s obsessive tendencies with helping others fill a need, there can be a fine line between actually doing some good for those who are open to receiving help, and self-righteous preaching to an audience that could care less, or are just not ready to hear what you have to offer.  All the good intentions in the world, won’t make a difference ii your audience isn’t receptive to your message, style, and form of delivery. We’ve had many great minds, and amazing ideas, that are snuffed out or buried because the timing wasn’t right, or the medium was just plain wrong. Those that carry on with their message, without acknowledging their audience’s obvious lack of participation or enthusiasm are often labeled as heretics or extremists, or just plain crazy.  I know I’ve been made fun of, jabbed at, and even ignored, for some of my beliefs in the power of the “Universe”, Law of Attraction, Motivational Quotes, Affirmations, and the fact that I love to binge-watch Ancient Aliens. People judge and label all the time. We’re human. That’s what we do.

History is packed with violence and oppression in the name of good deeds. Just because you feel something is right, and that a specific course of action is best for you, does not mean the rest of your company, your clients, your world- will feel the same. So, when it comes to your personal social media posts, the golden rule is, “Stay Neutral & Positive.” That doesn’t mean you can’t have your opinions. You just have to ask yourself, “will this serve my mission and represents my highest self,” before you make a post about it.  We’re each responsible for the emotional wake and ripple effect of what we say or do. Freedom of speech is not freedom from responsibility. If it’s totally critical to your conscience to voice your opinion on any particular topic, by all means do so. You have to be prepared to accept the ramifications, both negative AND positive, for such action.

We may not like the idea of filtering our thoughts and opinions on the ways of the world. Is it fair? No. But our potential customers, clients, vendors, and collaborators all make decisions based on information they receive. Like it or not, whatever you put out there is impacting buying decisions every single day. When you post, does it serve you?




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