Do You Want to Be the Anchor or the Sail?

Are You the Anchor or the Sail-


Negative Nancy vs. Solution Oriented

In every organization it seems like there is a great divide between the “Negative Nancies” and the solution oriented visionaries. There is always someone on the team compelled to be the one that points out all the short falls, mistakes, and lack around a product or idea. And, on the flip side, you have people sold on the vision and the dream that can kind of flit from obstacle to obstacle, knowing they are stepping-stones to a greater success.

It’s not that the visionaries don’t see the same challenges, short falls, and mistakes. They just choose not to get stuck on those matters. They keep their eye on the prize and trust in the vision, as well as the team they’ve put in place to get there. It’s not easy to shift focus to solutions, but it is simple and it’s all done in your head. Simply ask yourself, “Am I the Anchor or the Sail?” There’s no judgement here, as both the anchor and the sail serve critical functions on a ship. Once you know what role you’re playing, than you can ask, “Do my actions serve the mission?” If the Captain and the crew have ordered full engines ahead and you drop dual anchors because you see a wave in the ocean, than the mission isn’t being served. It’s likely the ego (usually fear-based) being served. It can be a very fine line between the two and it requires nothing more than observation on your part, at first. Once you observe where your motives are based, it can be easier to “get off it” and be the sail your organization needs, or you may be able to more clearly articulate your concerns and how they relate to the entire organization, rather than just to your particular needs or concerns. Looking at the big picture in these situations, not only helps you navigate the obstacles, but also gives you keen insight into what your partners, co-workers, and leadership might be going through as well.


One Response to “Do You Want to Be the Anchor or the Sail?”

  1. Excellent post! I’m definitely a sail – ready to move forward! (But a second or third sail as I’m not a leader type!).

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