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My Friend, Alaska

Posted in Uncategorized on August 9, 2016 by Bill Soroka

I don't have to go far, but I do have to go


Here we go again. Another break up and another trip to reconnect and find myself. I don’t say that with judgment of myself. I’ve allowed some well-needed space for the lessons of my journey. Where I “go” when things go wrong is quite telling. And this time, I’m listening.

The day I got clear that breaking up is what I had to do is the same day I bought my plane ticket to Alaska. The opportunity to visit Fairbanks had been there for months, and for a number of reasons (read excuses), I’ve delayed taking the trip. If I really tell the truth to myself, fear in my relationship is much of the reason I put off the trip. Fear of what he would do when I was gone. Fear of making him uncomfortable by taking a trip without him. Fear of obsessing the entire time I was gone. I have a habit of doing that. Of suspending my hopes and dreams in the interest of other people. Or so I tell myself. These “others” rarely ask me to put my needs aside for theirs. It’s just something I naturally do to an unhealthy level and I don’t care for it anymore. I think that’s why, when life goes awry, I fly. The vagabond road is my calling, and whether it’s a relationship or a business I use to suppress that gypsy spirit, it will inevitably rear it’s beautiful, sun-kissed head and send me on my way. There is no escape from a calling. It always finds you.

So, Alaska and I have become good friends. She’s got a lot to offer, and among them is an energy that acts much like the best kind of drug imaginable. A drug that connects you to your spirit and offers the clarity of mind that most of us crave in our lives. A clarity that often gets jumbled and lost in daily commutes, grocery lists, and drama.

I set a few intentions on the flight up here. Five things I wanted to get clear on, or let go of. And that worked. Without even consciously thinking about my intentions, the inspiration and clarity came. Everything I wanted and more. For that, I will be forever grateful for the trip and hospitality offered by friends in Fairbanks, as well as my new friend, Alaska, herself. Chief among those intentions is the commitment to seeing this beautiful world around us and making every day life an adventure. I don’t have to go far, but I do have to go. As far as the rest of the intentions, my hope is that through the actions of my life, you might catch a glimpse as to what those were someday.

Here are some of the highlights of the trip:


Danali National Park

There is absolutely no way to put into words how beautiful this place is. We were blessed with a view of Danali Mountain as well. Saw a Moose. Did some hiking. Breathtaking.



First-Ever Small Plane Ride

This has been something I’ve always wanted to experience. Ethan took me up in his own plane and gave me an aerial tour of Fairbanks that included a fly-over of Fort Knox, the largest gold mine in the U.S.

Fly-In remote Lake Adventure

No electricity. No Wifi. No running Water. And no cell phones. This was the highlight fo the trip. Nothing but a shanty for shelter, good friends, and the Alaskan wilderness for two days. This is where I did my best thinking. And, this was my second-ever small plane ride, taking off and landing on the water.


To Post or Not to Post: Balancing Personal Opinion and Public Interpretation in Social Media as Business Owner or Executive

Posted in Showing Up, Uncategorized on September 22, 2015 by Bill Soroka

to post or not to post-

Part of what makes entrepreneurs unique and effective is their bold action, strong opinions, and obsessive passion for their interests. This gumption doesn’t stop with business dealings. It carries over to most areas of their lives; politics, religion and spirituality, sports, science, whatever captures a true entrepreneur’s interest.

By definition, an entrepreneur, in the purest sense,  are those who identify a need—any need—and fill it. It’s a primordial urge, independent of product, service, industry or market ( They fill a need. They help people. When you combine an entrepreneur’s obsessive tendencies with helping others fill a need, there can be a fine line between actually doing some good for those who are open to receiving help, and self-righteous preaching to an audience that could care less, or are just not ready to hear what you have to offer.  All the good intentions in the world, won’t make a difference ii your audience isn’t receptive to your message, style, and form of delivery. We’ve had many great minds, and amazing ideas, that are snuffed out or buried because the timing wasn’t right, or the medium was just plain wrong. Those that carry on with their message, without acknowledging their audience’s obvious lack of participation or enthusiasm are often labeled as heretics or extremists, or just plain crazy.  I know I’ve been made fun of, jabbed at, and even ignored, for some of my beliefs in the power of the “Universe”, Law of Attraction, Motivational Quotes, Affirmations, and the fact that I love to binge-watch Ancient Aliens. People judge and label all the time. We’re human. That’s what we do.

History is packed with violence and oppression in the name of good deeds. Just because you feel something is right, and that a specific course of action is best for you, does not mean the rest of your company, your clients, your world- will feel the same. So, when it comes to your personal social media posts, the golden rule is, “Stay Neutral & Positive.” That doesn’t mean you can’t have your opinions. You just have to ask yourself, “will this serve my mission and represents my highest self,” before you make a post about it.  We’re each responsible for the emotional wake and ripple effect of what we say or do. Freedom of speech is not freedom from responsibility. If it’s totally critical to your conscience to voice your opinion on any particular topic, by all means do so. You have to be prepared to accept the ramifications, both negative AND positive, for such action.

We may not like the idea of filtering our thoughts and opinions on the ways of the world. Is it fair? No. But our potential customers, clients, vendors, and collaborators all make decisions based on information they receive. Like it or not, whatever you put out there is impacting buying decisions every single day. When you post, does it serve you?



My Ultimate Fear

Posted in Uncategorized on August 31, 2015 by Bill Soroka

Don't Die with the Music still inside you

In one quote, Dr. Wayne Dyer sums up my ultimate fear- That I may die with the music, or the the potential, still inside me. Not that I fear death so much, as I look forward to that transition, but I still have much I want to accomplish in this world and this life. Sometimes, I feel the end coming too soon, even of that’s 40 years down the road.

That MIGHT be some of the subconscious drive I have to do so much, with so many projects and irons in the fire at once. I want to do it all. And, it terrifies me to think that I may die before I get to experience the world as I wish, or make the contribution and legacy I wish to leave behind.

I suppose that’s why it’s so important to make the most of every day. Legacy is made of many days, strung together, working towards something greater than ourselves. In comparison, Mediocrity, and it’s result, a life lost with the music and potential still unrealized, is also made of many days, strung together. Those daily choices we make really are the difference.

Why “Why” Matters

Posted in Uncategorized on August 25, 2015 by Bill Soroka


When I ask people why they aren’t on track or taking action to live their dream lives, there are some answers that have just become standard, as I’ve heard them so many times: No money, no time, no knowledge, or just too lazy.

These are absolutely valid concerns. Notice, I used the word “concern”, and not “excuse.” I especially like hearing the most honest answer of all those, “I am just too lazy!”, usually followed by an LOL or round of laughter. And we laugh, and laugh…

But, it’s really not funny. We both know that, but sometimes laughter is all we can do when facing the overwhelming task of designing our own life and taking responsibility for the way it looks.

To start the process, follow Stephen Covey’s advice and Begin with the End in Mind. Create a vision or mission statement for your life that very clearly outlines how you want to show up to this world, what you’d like to have, and where you’d like to go, and WHY you want to do and be all that.

Make sure your vision gets you fired up and excited when you read it. I know, for me, that every day I read mine, my wheels get turning so much by the end of it that I absolutely MUST do something to propel me towards one of the goals I list. It’s THAT powerful! Recite it, read it, memorize it and say it, every single day – especially the days you don’t feel like doing it. Make it part of your morning routine and watch your life begin to change. You begin to subconsciously  act differently – like the way the person in your vision would act. Opportunities begin to present themselves to help align you with your vision. You begin to feel confident and excited about the future and everyone can sense it around you. Your life will change.

So, you’re not too broke. You have time in your day. You can learn all you need to know. And, you’re definitely not too lazy. You just lack a compelling “Why” to motivate you to take the necessary action and make the necessary sacrifice for success. So, what is your “Why?”