Why “Why” Matters

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When I ask people why they aren’t on track or taking action to live their dream lives, there are some answers that have just become standard, as I’ve heard them so many times: No money, no time, no knowledge, or just too lazy.

These are absolutely valid concerns. Notice, I used the word “concern”, and not “excuse.” I especially like hearing the most honest answer of all those, “I am just too lazy!”, usually followed by an LOL or round of laughter. And we laugh, and laugh…

But, it’s really not funny. We both know that, but sometimes laughter is all we can do when facing the overwhelming task of designing our own life and taking responsibility for the way it looks.

To start the process, follow Stephen Covey’s advice and Begin with the End in Mind. Create a vision or mission statement for your life that very clearly outlines how you want to show up to this world, what you’d like to have, and where you’d like to go, and WHY you want to do and be all that.

Make sure your vision gets you fired up and excited when you read it. I know, for me, that every day I read mine, my wheels get turning so much by the end of it that I absolutely MUST do something to propel me towards one of the goals I list. It’s THAT powerful! Recite it, read it, memorize it and say it, every single day – especially the days you don’t feel like doing it. Make it part of your morning routine and watch your life begin to change. You begin to subconsciously  act differently – like the way the person in your vision would act. Opportunities begin to present themselves to help align you with your vision. You begin to feel confident and excited about the future and everyone can sense it around you. Your life will change.

So, you’re not too broke. You have time in your day. You can learn all you need to know. And, you’re definitely not too lazy. You just lack a compelling “Why” to motivate you to take the necessary action and make the necessary sacrifice for success. So, what is your “Why?”


How to Start a Business in Less Than 24 Hours

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“No! It can’t be done,” you might say. But I say, “Yes! Yes, it can!.”

Starting a business in the U.S. is relatively easy. Sure, sometimes there a some hoops to jump through, forms to file, and fees to pay, but the beautiful thing about our country, is that you do have some flexibility in the order in which you do things.

You no longer have to hire a lawyer, start a domestic corporation, build an infrastructure, hire employees, buy or design product, rent office space, and go. We are living in a time when you can throw open your business doors online and test viability before spending more than $100 or so.

Launch Your Business Tomorrow

If you’re reading this, you may already have an idea or two about a business you’d like to start. If not specifically, you at least know that you’d like to start a business at some point. I’ve got two ways you could have a viable business by end of day tomorrow.

1.  Create your digital presence using DYI tools. Personally,  I started my endeavors with Go Daddy and it’s comfortable so I continue to use it. With Go Daddy, I can purchase a domain, build a website from gorgeous templates that require no training or skills, host my website, get a professional email address, get the SEO I need, and create compelling email marketing campaigns, all in one place. Go Daddy may or may not be the best, but it is cheap and easy to use. NOTHING is permanent, so you can ALWAYS come back and change things later. Remember, our goal is to have you up and running in less than a day.

To help clarify some of the necessary elements for a quick launch whether you use Go Daddy or not, I’ve created an acronym : D.W.H.E.S.E.

D- D is for Domain Name. This is your address on the web. For example, this blog’s address and domain name is http://www.BillSoroka.com. You need to find your own dot com. Couple of things to note when choosing a name: keep it short; easy to remember; avoid dashes and numbers; make sure it’s relevant to your business (ideally your business name too); and ONLY use the .Com version of the name. There are other options like .net, .us, .guru, etc. Don’t bother with any of those unless you get the .Com too. The general public will nearly ALWAYS go to .Com no matter how many times you tell them otherwise.

W- W is for Website. Go Daddy offers their Website Builder, which is a drag and drop design tool based on templates. This is VERY easy to use and their latest version includes some cool features so your website will look sharp and already be laid out the way your potential customers expect to find a website. You can pay around $10 a month for their Premium package (which you will likely want), or you can pay for a whole year up front and get a discount. One of the great values included with Website Builder is that the hosting of the website is included in the price. So, if you go this route, you can skip the next step.

H- H is for Hosting. After a website is designed, it needs a server that actually puts it out on the web and available for people to find it. Hosting accounts do this. Now, if you’ve decided to go with Go Daddy and their Website Builder, hosting your website is already included so you don’t have to do anything else. However, maybe you’re more advanced and used a different method to design your site, like wordpress or something similar. You MAY need to get a hosting account to place your website. Go Daddy offers this as well, although there are some other great companies that offer similar: HostGator and BlueHost to name two.

E- E is for E-Mail Address. Please make it professional! Nothing turns me off more than to see a real estate agent, or any other business, have emails like: isellhomes@yahoo.com or abcdesigns@gmail.com. Having a professional e-mail address will help you land more business. With Go Daddy, you can get very cheap, or even free e-mail addresses, or at least forwarding accounts that look professional. With today’s technology, you can still have all your e-mail addresses forwarded to one place for easy management.

S- S is for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  A quick search of the internet on this topic will likely leave you bewildered. There are thousands of opinions on how to optimize your website so the various search engines can find you, and there are equally as many people out there willing to charge you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars every month to handle this for you. A good SEO specialist is worth their weight in gold, but it’s not necessary to pay for this in the beginning. Go Daddy includes a small piece of this in their Premium Website Builder package, and that will handle the basics, like introducing your website to the top search engines, and including the proper key words to help the search engines identify content on your site. This is an important step, but you can grow into this.

E- E is for E-mail Marketing. You have to find a way to communicate with your potential customers, and e-mail marketing, like newsletter and value content are a great way to do that. Last I checked, Go Daddy had a tool for this as well. Although, there are some great other options too, like aweber.com and MailChimp (I use aweber). All three of thse options have a quick and easy way to create “Sign-Up Forms” that you can include on your website so your potential customers can register for correspondence.

And You’re Up

Follow these steps and the digital presence for your business can be up and operational within a few hours. The things that take a lot of time are writing content and creating graphics. There are some valuable resources for that too, and we’ll get into those a little later on. If you plan to sell products or services, you’ll also need some way to allow customers to buy online, or at least a way to process credit cards even offline. There are LOTS of online shopping carts available, and Go Daddy has one too. I tried using it and wasn’t impressed. We ended up going to Shopify and was very pleased. More on that later.

It’s also important to note that just because all of these steps have been followed, and you’ve got a beautiful web presence, it’s relatively meaningless if people can’t find you. Now, you have to get the word out about your products or services. Time to advertise!

Good Luck in your new business!